When to take a Pregnancy test – Every Mother’s Guide

Mothers are birth-givers!

It is every woman’s dream to become a mother and we should not neglect the whole process of giving a birth to a child and bringing a life to the world. This reproductive process is a blend of creativity and hard work which women face once in their lives. A pregnant woman undergoes a lot of stages from fetal development to delivery.

Life of a Pregnant woman is exciting because she creates nurturing power within herself but at the same time, she attracts chronic illness and disturbing health.

Pregnancy takes a lot of courage because then other than herself she will have one more life to take care of and a load of responsibility will be completely on her shoulder and this is the sole reason we think that mothers have superpowers.

So here in this article, we will bring some facts and make you learn about the pregnancy tests and a step by step guide to using them.

When to take a Pregnancy test
When to take a Pregnancy test

Things You Should Know:

  • You should not completely rely on the pregnancy tests results because if you have missed your periods and you are using it quite soon then it possibly will give you false results.
  • You must not use any pregnancy test without going through the instructions.
  • You should trust blood tests more rather than urine tests.
  • You will hardly get false positive results, but you know anything can happen.

When To Take a Pregnancy Test?

It is considered not normal when you miss your periods more than a couple of days and that is the moment when you get a thought of pregnancy in your mind.

Other than that when you have had an unprotected sex because when you get intimate with your partner without using any precautions then it creates a high risk of pregnancy because that was the time your genitals are getting attached and the cells are getting transmitted to each other’s body.  

It is scientifically believed that an unprotected sex gives a high alert to the pregnancy. It is highly recommended that you must take a pregnancy test after 2 weeks from the ovulation day and you must not only rely on the pregnancy tests because they are quite sensitive and would not give you the best results so in that case you must visit any healthcare center and put forward your issues without getting hesitated.

How Can You Use a Home Pregnancy Testing Kit?

You must simply go to the trusted seller and buy a pregnancy kit from there. You must ensure that it is not outdated or expired. You must read all the instructions before jumping directly on the test because instructions vary from brand to brand.  

Home Pregnancy test
Home Pregnancy test

Most of the brands instruct you to test with the first-morning urine but you can also do the urine test anytime because it is proven that your hCG remain constant throughout the day. And if you are a person who drinks a lot of water or consumes a lot of liquid throughout the day then you must go for the morning urine test.

It is widely accepted that home tests are less sensitive than the healthcare medical centers because the test is not being operated by you. It does not matter what your home test says but it is always advised that you must consult with your healthcare providers.

Can You Get a False Negative Result?

Possibly yes. As we have discussed that you must not completely rely on the pregnancy tests because they are too sensitive to handle. The common reason of getting a False negative result is when you do the testing too early because it is the time when your hCG level is quite low and cannot give you the best possible result or may drift the results.  

False Negative Pregnancy Test Result
False Negative Pregnancy Test Result

Don’t just use the pregnancy test on the first date of the missed period because it becomes too early to decide. You must use pregnancy test after a week or two because then the frequency of false negative result will get a decline.

Can You Get a False Positive Result?

This is rare but yes, you can get a false positive result. Following are the cases in which you get a false positive result.

False Positive Pregnancy Test Result
False Positive Pregnancy Test Result
  • When you use a home pregnancy test, a false positive result might occur due to human error.
  • After implantation, pregnancy tests lose its intensity.
  • It can also happen when you excrete hCG from a tumor.
  • People may get a false positive result who are possibly at the stage of perimenopause.

No medication will ever provide a false positive pregnancy result unless the healthcare medication does not contain hCG or particularly antibodies.

Some of the Popular Pregnancy Tests are :-

When to Visit a Gynecologist?

If you have failed to get the authentic results or you are still in a dilemma to decide whether the result is true or not then in such cases, we would recommend you to visit your trusted and reliable healthcare provider or particularly a gynecologist.

With the help of urine test and blood test, you will surely get the authentic results because it is the only way you will get the best possible pregnancy results.

In case you have got a negative result from the pregnancy test and if it has been more than 90 days that you have not get to see your periods then the only person who could help you is your healthcare provider. While meeting your doctor you must not hesitate about anything and should not hide the facts because the more you will be open and honest with your doctor the better will be the results.

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy test has a lot of possibilities. No matter whatever the results will be but  It can make you nervous to the core. It is not just you in the journey but it is one ever-going story narrated by every woman out there.

We hope that we have done a great justice to all the mothers-to-be who are seeking guidance about the pregnancy test and how it works. We would be so grateful if you talk a little about your experience in the comments section below.

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