Dandelion Pregnancy Test – A Simple Testing Guide

A traditional homemade pregnancy test with Dandelion is considered to be the safest and easiest homemade pregnancy test. As it has been observed that bleach pregnancy test and vinegar pregnancy test exert harmful fumes that can cause disbalance in the body as well as in the pregnancy results.

As a matter of fact, Dandelion pregnancy test only takes one hour to reveal the results and every reaction needs enough time to give the reliable results, so is the Dandelion Pregnancy Test. We agree that digital pregnancy tests provide results within a few seconds but the reliability can be questioned of such Pregnancy Tests.

Since the medical science has advanced it has also started giving the importance to the traditional ways of experimentation. The properties of Dandelion leaves are quite unique because these leaves have certain elements that can easily detect hCG, a pregnancy hormone present in the urine of a pregnant woman.

Dandelion Pregnancy Test
Dandelion Pregnancy Test

How Does The Dandelion Pregnancy Test Process?

The main principle of the Dandelion Pregnancy Test on which it works that when the experiment takes place the color of the Dandelion leaves gets changed. It is scientifically proven that after 11 days of conception, hCG starts coming in the urine of Pregnant woman.

The placenta is one element that produces the hormone hCG which is the primary basis of all the pregnancy test.

Whenever you take the Dandelion Pregnancy Test you are likely to see the rest blisters on the leaves then you are pregnant while if the leaves do not change the color then you are possibly not pregnant. There is a baking soda pregnancy test too you can check it.

The Process Of Taking The Dandelion Pregnancy Test

This section will give you a deep insight of taking the Dandelion Pregnancy Test including the instructions and guidance. Make sure that you follow the steps correctly and perform them confidently.

Dandelion Leaves Pregnancy Test
Dandelion Leaves Pregnancy Test
  • You need to pluck fresh Dandelion leaves to proceed the pregnancy test.
  • Then put the Dandelion leaves in a container. Make sure that the container which you are using is clean and dry.
  • Collect your morning urine sample. You need to ensure that you are practicing this test in the morning.
  • Now you need to merge your urine with the fresh Dandelion leaves.
  • Then wait for 10 minutes to one hour to check the results.

How to Check The Dandelion Pregnancy Test Results?

As we have discussed above that the changing color of the leaves will decide everything. However, the Dandelion Pregnancy Test is one of the few homemade pregnancy tests and completely traditional in its nature.

With the help of the Dandelion Pregnancy Test, you can easily get the pregnancy results. The whole test depends upon the color of the Dandelion leaves. Now, let’s analyze the results in detail.

Dandelion Leaves
Dandelion Leaves
  • Dandelion Pregnancy Test Positive Result: When the result is positive the color of the leaves gets changed and you will likely to see red blisters over the Dandelion leaves. Any change in color will clearly indicate that the bodily functions have been changed and in that case, you are suggested to visit a doctor. Dandelion Pregnancy tests will give the false results if the contaminants are present. If any waste is present in the container then it can also give you a false positive Dandelion pregnancy result. It is advised that you first bleach and clean the container appropriately before taking the Dandelion Pregnancy Test.
  • Dandelion Pregnancy Test Negative Result: When you place the Dandelion leaves and add your urine in it and if it does not show any change in the color then it is a negative result which means that you are not pregnant. The dandelion pregnancy test can you give you a false result if you take the pregnancy test too early after the missed periods. It is suggested to wait for at least 11 days after the conception. We suggest you to try the toothpaste pregnancy test too at home.

Pros of Dandelion Pregnancy Test

  • It is easy and safe homemade pregnancy test.
  • It is highly cheap and easily accessible.
  • It will give you pregnancy results within some period of time either positive or negative.

Cons of Dandelion Pregnancy Test

  • It can be little time-consuming because it takes about one hour to show you the pregnancy result.
How to do Dandelion Pregnancy Test
How to do Dandelion Pregnancy Test

Important Recommendations For Dandelion Pregnancy Test:

  1. You have to make sure that the leaves are properly merged in urine. Once you saturate the leaves with urine that will the test most probable. If you don’t pour enough urine in the container in which you have placed the Dandelion leaves then you will not get to see the red blisters.
  2. As it is already discussed that the container that you will use should be clean and dry. You are suggested to wash the container with bleach or any other cleaners and wash it with hot water before you take the pregnancy test. Sterility is one of the major factors which decides the accuracy of the dandelion pregnancy test.
  3. It is also suggested that the dandelion leaves for a pregnancy test should not have any germicidal sprays because these chemicals can interfere in the testing process and will not give the correct results.
  4. Don’t spread the leaves and pee because it is not the right way to do the test because the leaves will not be able to absorb enough urine and will not give you the reliable result and at the same time it is unhygienic and the leaves may also get contaminated and won’t serve you the correct result.
  5. The Dandelion Pregnancy test will not give the correct result if you take this test too early after your missed periods and at the time you need to wait at least for one hour to confirm the results.

Final Thoughts:

We hope that with the help of this article you have easily performed the homemade Dandelion Pregnancy Test and hopefully got the reliable results. It is also requested that no matter whatever the result one must visit the doctor.

We would love to hear your experience with this homemade pregnancy test which you can mention in the comments section below.

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