Clorox & Urine Pregnancy Test Guide

Pregnancy is a beautiful moments where a lady feels lot of transformations that are not only physical but also mental and emotional. It is all about another body comes into another body developing inside you. If you are trying to conceive lately or you feel certain unusual pregnancy like symptoms, you might like to know that you make sure whether or not you could be pregnant.

Almost all of us would like to do that just in the privacy of our homes, without meet the gynecologist. Most of us already know that the market is flooded with home pregnancy tests kits these days. But, did you also know that you need not to have bought any pregnancy test kit because you can make your own pregnancy test right at your home by your hands.

Clorox Pregnancy Test and Urine Pregnancy Test, both these tests are really easy to perform. One can easily perform these after reading to our proper guide.

Clorox Pregnancy Test
Clorox Pregnancy Test

What is Clorox Pregnancy Test?

Let get back to the ancestral time when we don’t have any advance methods or equipment to verify pregnancy, it was these homemade pregnancy tests that were widely used. There are so many homemade pregnancy tests available in the market, and the one using bleach or Clorox is one of the most reliable pregnancy testing methods in the market.

The ease of this test is quite simple reason that you find easily like bleach, and it is one substance that can be found in almost every household. Moreover, bleach doesn’t cost much, and you only need a small amount to carry out the homemade Clorox pregnancy test.

How Clorox Does Work for Pregnancy Test?

The first diagnosis of pregnancy that includes testing the presence of HCG in the blood or the urine and you guys already knows that HCG pregnancy hormone that you can find in your urine because we have shared the in-depth section on HCG in our “Homemade Pregnancy Tests” and if you still don’t read it, than we highly recommend you to read it and understand it.

Using bleach pregnancy test or Clorox is considered more valid when checking the presence of this hormone as compared to other homemade pregnancy tests owing to the substance’s better reaction with the bleach.

When Clorox and sugar pregnancy test comes in contact with the urine of women, the possible changes can be seen within few minutes easily that is based on the changes, the test can be concluded to be positive or negative.

So, let’s understand how to check pregnancy with Clorox:

How to Test Pregnancy with Clorox?

So if you want to try the method of testing pregnancy with Clorox than to do this, homemade pregnancy test, you have to follow some simple but essential steps, beginning with the collection of urine. However, you need to grab some samples of your first urine of the day. Simply collect the urine sample in a disposable cup or pour some Clorox into it. Now mix this mixture and keep it in a safe place, where no one touched it.

Now wait for few minutes to see the reaction in the mixture, if the solution starts to bubble or you notice some frothiness, or it turns fizzy and it is clear indication that the test is positive and it means you are pregnant. However, if even after several minutes of waiting, you cannot find any change in the solution, then the pregnancy test proves negative, indicating you haven’t conceived baby yet.

Things to Keep in Mind While Using Clorox

There are no specific guidelines on the amount of bleach to be mixes with the urine or the explicit knowledge on the exact number of minutes where you should wait to check the results. Like most other homemade pregnancy tests, all these details are indicative.

However, unlike other home tests, the Clorox test comes with a safety warning. It is very important to perform this test in a space that is well ventilated with proper air circulation.

This is because when the bleach enters into your urine, toxic fumes are produced. Alto of these fumes entering in your body that can harm you as well as the developing fetus in case you also happen to be pregnant.

How Accurate is Clorox Pregnancy Test?

Out of the several homemade pregnancy tests that women uses, Clorox pregnancy test has been on the top and one of the most reliable test in the market. However, there is still no scientific evidence to claim its authenticity and accuracy.

Besides this, the accuracy also depends on different factors, where the pregnancy test should be ideally not be performed closer to your missed period, before or after, because it will have the less amount of the pregnancy hormone.

Frequent urination is often counted as a pregnancy sign but when it is about to do the test hold your urine for 2 to 4 hours or ideally, collect the first urine of the day for urine with more concentration of the HCG. If after performing the test, the result comes out positive, it is most trustable and advisable to see a gynecologist or to follow up with pharmaceutical pregnancy test to be further sure and verify the results.

What Precautions Should Be Taken While Trying Clorox Pregnancy Test?

    • When you begin the test, keep your head high and do not bend it closer to the test container.
  • Keep your nose and mouth covered so that no harmful gases enter into your body directly. As these gases may have toxic things that can hurt you and even your child if at all you are pregnant. Also check Faint Positive Pregnancy Test for more info.

Important Note about Urine Pregnancy Test :

There are tons of home base and even clinical test for pregnancy tests available but no one is 100% correct. But then too if you think that you might have conceived then it is advisable to consult any good gynecologist, after carrying out the test at home. No matter whether the test result for Clorox Pregnancy Test or any other test performed at home is positive or negative.

Final Thoughts:

So we hope you like this post on Clorox Pregnancy Test and you find it helpful, if you so than please share it with your friends who supposed to conceive baby soon.

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