Bleach Pregnancy Test – How to Perform It Properly

Bleach Pregnancy Test Proper Method

Do you know which is the happiest situation in the life of a woman? It is that moment when she realizes that she is pregnant. There are also cases where the situation is different. But for most of them, the stage of pregnancy is what they enjoy the most, Bleach Pregnancy Test comes into play. Nowadays a lot of options are available for the women to confirm whether they are pregnant or not. But we are not discussing any of the modern ways for this, but a home-based method which was used by people since a long time. It is found that the result of this test is not 100% reliable. You can check Pregnancy Test Guides for several types of tests. However, as a preliminary test, this can be conducted at the home if you have doubts of early pregnancy stage. If a positive result is obtained in this test, then you can go ahead with other latest tests to make sure about the pregnancy.

Bleach Pregnancy Test

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Why Bleach Pregnancy Test?

This must be the first question that comes to your mind when you hear about the bleach pregnancy test. Even though there are a lot of other option which seems more reliable than this, why one should opt for this method? There are situations when it is not possible for ladies to go and buy pregnancy test kits from medical shops because of one or the other reason. At that time, the bleach pregnancy test will be very handy for them. Another reason behind the use of this test is the easy procedure. This process requires the people to have only the availability of bleach to perform this test. Bleach is something that is mainly used as a cleaning material. This is readily available at most of the houses and hence the test can be done quite easily.

An exact guideline for the bleach pregnancy test is not yet available. So, it is not sure about the amount of bleach or urine that needs to be included in the composition for testing. But it is found to be successful as a preliminary test for pregnancy confirmation which includes no extra effort or cost.

Bleach pregnancy test is really easy to perform and any woman or girl can do it at home with just a few things.

How to do the Bleach Pregnancy Test?

As you are now aware of the basics of this test, now let us have a look at the steps to be followed in conducting a successful bleach pregnancy test. Just follow our instructions carefully in order to perform pregnancy test with sugar properly.

How to Do Bleach Pregnancy Test

Take some urine in a disposable glass and pour some liquid bleach into it. For better results, try to collect the first urine sample from the early morning. There is no guideline available regarding the amount of bleach and the amount of urine that need to be used in the combination. However, it is found that an equal amount of them can provide more accurate results. Mix this solution thoroughly and wait for a maximum of five minutes. The result of this addition may be either one of the below.

    • A foamy film on the surface of the combination. It is accompanied with some fizzy bubbles also.
  • No special effect and can found that the bleach and urine will simply combine together.

The first result is an indication of pregnancy. If you can see this result you can make almost sure that you are going through the pregnancy stage. Obviously, the second result will be then obtained for those who are not pregnant.  Online Bleach Pregnancy Test must be performed once in life by everyone to see its amazing and perfect results.

It is seen that the combination of the bleach and urine may result in a toxic fume that can be hazardous to human health. If you are pregnant and get exposed to this fume, it not only affects your health but also the health of the baby as well. Hence it is recommended to do this test at a place with a lot of air flow, probably in an open area. You can even take the help of another person to conduct this test. It is also advisable to properly dispose of this composition as soon as the result is obtained.

How does this Bleach Pregnancy Test work?

Have you heard about the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone? It is a hormone which is commonly present in pregnant women. It is this hormone which is been made use of in all the different home-based tests done for pregnancy testing. This hormone is found to be present in the urine as well as the blood of a pregnant woman. Coming into contact with the bleach, it will respond and create the white fumes and bubbles. This is in turn considered as the sign of pregnancy after the test is conducted. Among the many home-based pregnancy test methods, the bleach pregnancy test is considered as the most successful one. The reason is that the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone reacts more with the bleach rather than with any other substance used in other testing methods. So, if you are someone who is looking for the best home-based pregnancy test, we will recommend this method for you as it will provide you with the best result than others.

Pros and Cons of Bleach Pregnancy Test:

What are the advantages of the home pregnancy tests including the bleach pregnancy test? The most important advantage of this test is that it can be conducted free of cost. Even though the bleach used for this test costs you some money, but it is probably available at every house for cleaning purpose and may not be purchased for the testing purpose only. This test is very easy to do and does not require any advice from a doctor. It also helps you to conduct the pregnancy test in the most private way. Nobody will be aware of this until you reveal the result to them. So, these were the pros and cons of the Pregnancy Test Using Bleach. You can also check the pregnancy test with urine called Urine pregnancy test if you are unable to find bleach.

Along with the advantages, the bleach pregnancy test has its disadvantages as well. The most important among them is the accuracy issue. Compared to the latest medical tests for pregnancy check, the accuracy of this test is comparatively low. It is also found that sometimes these type of tests does not work well. Sometimes people also found it very much difficult to read the exact result of the test and might get confused.

Conclusion: –

After reading all the instructions you shall go ahead and perform the Bleach Pregnancy Test without any tension. The bleach pregnancy test is found to be a very useful home-based pregnancy test and is successful in most of the cases. The result obtained from this test is almost accurate also. However, we recommend users to double confirm the same with a medical test and also confirm with your family doctor once.