Baking Soda Pregnancy Test – A Homemade Model of Gender Test

Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

Mothers are true seekers because they are always excited to know whether the life inside is a girl or a boy. Baking Soda Pregnancy Test is one idea that has been discovered by the ancient Science and its practitioners.

Basically, it is some people’s belief that baking soda pregnancy test can procrastinate the gender of the baby breathing inside the womb of the mother. Though it is not scientifically proven by scientists so far yet it is still a belief of many mothers.

As we know that there is nothing in the world which we can easily predict and giving a birth is quite a natural process where you cannot rely only on mere beliefs and science plays a vital role in the complete process.

Baking Soda Pregnancy Test
Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

We cannot deny the fact that some mothers who tried this baking soda pregnancy test got the exactly the same results and some did not. There is a saying that says – “There are two sides of a coin” and it is appropriate to apply in this condition.

There are many homemade pregnancy tests such as – Drano, toothpaste pregnancy test and red cabbage pregnancy test but Baking soda pregnancy test is considered one of the popular and reliable amongst all. If we talk about Drano gender pregnancy test then this test consists of some risk because it produces a lot of toxic fumes which might affect the mother as well as the baby.

Why Baking Soda?

As we have discussed that the Baking Soda Pregnancy Test has the potential to predict the sex of the baby who is excited to come out. And you must be wondering why only baking soda and not the other home ingredients?

Now it is time to present you some logic and facts about Baking soda pregnancy test. As we know that the mothers face different hormonal functions depending on the baby’s sex and baking soda is the only homely product that has the capacity to detect these different hormones.

How to do Baking Soda Pregnancy Test
How to do Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

How does it Work?

Baking Soda can easily be found in every household. Under this block, we will discuss some chemistry and some scientific principles of baking soda that provides gender test results to the masses.

BAKING SODA: If we go by Chemistry then, it is a mild base and its pH scale is quite higher than the distilled water and we have experienced it a lot of time that when we mix both acid and base then it creates a chemical reaction and results in gases and fizzles in the mixture.

URINE: Even a person who has little knowledge of Science and biology knows that there is a mild acid present in Urine. The amount of acid in urine vary from person to person depending on their diet and functioning of the body. You can check the faint positive pregnancy test too.

BAKING SODA + URINE: As we have discussed the form of both baking soda and urine where the former is base and the later is acid in its form. So, when you mix base and acid together it produces fizzles and people predict the gender of the baby on the basis of fizzling.

Let’s engage more in the idea and find out whether it’s a girl or a boy.

  • If the mix fizzes a lot after adding urine then, you are going to have a baby boy.
  • Whereas, if the mix does not fizz and remains flat then, you will be blessed with a baby girl.

Essentials for the Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

Now that you have gathered enough knowledge about the Pregnancy Test and how does it work. Let us find out what are the things that you need while pursuing the test and the things which are necessary to perform the test are mentioned below.

  • A glass container. We suggest you that you must take a clean and dry container because it possibly will give you the best result.
  • Two tablespoons baking soda. This is strongly recommended that you must take it from the fresh box, check the expiry date and do not use if it has got stale. You are being advised to buy a new one if the product has got out of date.
  • Your Urine. It has to be the first sample of the morning. Because it is widely believed and accepted that the first urine is undiluted and gives the best possible result.
Baking Soda Homemade Pregnancy Test
Baking Soda Homemade Pregnancy Test

How to Perform Baking Soda Pregnancy Test?

The process is quite easy to understand and simple to perform which you can simply do it at home. Kindly follow the instructions carefully that are mentioned below.

  1. Take a container which has to be clean and dry.
  2. Then take two tablespoons filled with baking soda and put it in the container.
  3. Take the first urine sample of the morning and carefully pour the urine in the container consisting baking soda.
  4. Watch keenly the process. If the soda does not fizzle and does not produce bubble then, it’s a baby girl while if the mixture fizzled and the produced bubble in the container then, it’s a baby boy.
Baking Soda Gender Test
Baking Soda Gender Test

Additional Findings Of The Test

Although, we have discussed earlier that the baking soda pregnancy test helps determine the gender of the baby. Doesn’t it sound like some fancy tale? Yes. Right? The whole process id just a matter of believe if you believe then it is true and if you don’t then its not.

It is a biological fact that the mother’s body functions differently depending on the sex of the baby and thus, the hormonal difference cause succeeding changes in the chemical reaction happen between baking soda and mother’s urine and that is the reason we get to see the difference in the fizzles.

Final Thoughts:

Baking Soda Pregnancy Test has been used from the time when the prevailing commercial testing kits were not available in the market and the idea of homemade pregnancy test is still being practiced by many people across the globe.

We hope that you have liked this article and we would love to hear your experience which you can mention in the comments section below.

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